The main difference between the Traveller and Countryman models and the Mini Saloon was of course the fact that they were 9.87 inches longer than a normal Mini.  This was highlighted in The Autocar magazine of 23rd September 1960 in their article about the launch of the estate models:

"Today, when many motorists take their cars abroad, it is of interest to note that this increased length does not affect
charges for any of the cross-Channel air ferry services and hardly any of the boats."

If only we we charged by vehicle length when taking our Countryman or Traveller abroad these days!

spec01.jpg spec02.jpg spec03.jpg spec04.jpg spec05.jpg


Wheelbase 84.25 inches 

Length 129.9 inches 3299mm

Height 53.5 inches 1360mm


1484 pounds
1455 pounds


Fuel Tank

Internal 6.0 gallons 27.3l

External 6.5 gallons 29.6l

Luggage Capacity:

Rear seat raised 
18.5 cubic feet 0.52m

Rear seat folded 35.3 cubic feet 1m

Mechanical Specification

Mk1 Mk2

Engine 848cc OHV 998cc OHV

Bore/Stroke 62.94 x 68.26mm 64.59 x 76.2mm

Compression Ratio 
8.3:1 8.3:1

Power Output 34 bhp at 5500 rpm 38 bhp at 5250 rpm

Torque 44 lb.ft at 2900 rpm 52 lb.ft at 2700 rpm

Steering Rack & Pinion Rack & Pinion

Brakes Hydraulic Drum/Drum Hydraulic Drum/Drum

Suspension Rubber Cones & Telescopic Dampers 
Rubber Cones & Telescopic Dampers

Note: Mini Estates were never fitted with Hydrolastic suspension.


Mk1 Mk2

Maximum Speed 69 mph 75 mph

0-50 mph 21.1 seconds 
17.2 seconds

0-60 mph 33.8 seconds 26.2 seconds

30-50 mph 21.3 seconds 13.7 seconds

40-60 mph 24.1 seconds 18.8 seconds

Average Fuel Consumption 
38 mpg 34 mpg