Colours and Trim

The choice of paint colours and interior trim for the Morris Mini Traveller and the Austin Countryman were based on those available for the Mini Saloons of the time.  In the early years the choice was quite limited.  In later years more colours were added, however not all colours were available for the estates.


When the Traveller and Countryman were first launched in 1960, both Austin and Morris only offered three choices of paint colour - red, blue or grey for the Countryman and red, blue or white for the Traveller.  The exact shades of red and blue differed slightly between the two marques.
paint_and_trim austin early mk1.jpg paint_and_trim morris early mk1.jpg

By the mid 1960's a wider range of colours was on offer, with Austin offering the Countryman in six different colours, whilst Morris tempted buyers with 14 different paint colours, 5 of which were available for the Traveller.
Interior trim colour was dependant on the paint colour chosen, for example a Fiesta Yellow Countryman always had a Powder Blue interior and all Mk1 Almond GreenTravellers were fitted with a Porcelain Green interior.
paint_and_trim austin mk1.jpg paint_and_trim morris mk1.jpg

When the Mk2 was introduced in late 1967 some new colour choices were added, such as Sandy Beige and Snowberry White.  Interior trim colours also changed, so Mk2 Almond Green Travellers now had a Satin Beige interior.
paint_and_trim morris mk2.jpg

If anyone has a Mk2 Austin colour chart, we'd be grateful for a copy.

We have a comprehensive list of paint colour codes, so please contact us if you need any information.