October 1967
Launch of the Mk2 and Mk1 Traveller discontinued.
October 1967 saw the launch of the Mk2 Austin Mini Countryman and Mk2 Morris Mini Traveller alongside the Mk2 saloons.  It was available both with the wood trim for £629 or as an all steel version for the slightly cheaper price of £610.
The most obvious difference to the Mk2 cars was at the front, where a squarer grille was fitted and different badging.
af2.jpg mf2.jpg

Unlike the saloons, the estates retained the Mk1 styling at the rear with smaller rounded rear lights.  The rear door badging was however changed on the Mk2 cars.

ar2s.jpg mr2s.jpg

Under the bonnet the Mk2 cars had the larger 998cc engine, with a choice of manual or automatic gearbox.

The first Austin Countryman Mk2 had chassis number A-AWB-1068101 and was built on 6th September 1967.  It was an all steel model in Tartan Red with a Red interior and was despatched on 4th December 1967 to Central Garage in Bradford.

The first Morris Traveller Mk2 had chassis number M-AW6-1068401 and was built on 7th September 1967.  It was also an all steel model and was Almond Green with a Satin Beige interior.  Factory records indicate that this car went to the 1967 Earls Court Motor Show and was later sold to a member of BMC staff on 1st July 1968.

October 1967 also saw the discontinuation of the Mk1 Morris Mini Traveller, of which a total of approximately 75,500 were built.  The last Mk1 Morris Mini Traveller was built on 23rd August 1967 and had chassis number M-AW4-1064279.  It was a Tartan Red all steel car with Red interior and was despatched on 4th October 1967 to Crofts in Kendal.  The Mk1 Countryman would continue just a little longer.