October 1962
October 1962 All-steel version available in the UK and more changes.
The all steel estate was made available for the UK market with the first all steel Morris Traveller being an Almond Green car with Grey & Green interior, having chassis number M-AW4-308939 and body number 28724.  This car was built on 2nd October 1962 and despatched on 9th October 1962 to Haslemere in Guildford.
The first UK all steel Austin Countryman was a Smoke Grey car with Grey interior and chassis number A-AW7-304947.  This car was built on 25th September 1962 and was originally destined for the export market but was transferred from export to home sales and despatched on 9th October 1962 to Saunders in Hereford.
Costing £605 s6 d6 the all steel estate was 22 pounds cheaper than the "Woody" which cost £627 s6 d6.

At this time synchromesh was fitted on the top 3 gears and the fresh air heater/demister was fitted as standard, replacing the recirculatory type.