Traveller project sells at auction
This 1967 Morris Mini Traveller sold for a whopping £9,500 + commission + VAT at auction on Saturday 18th June.
Although at first glance the it looks like nothing more than a fairly decent basis for a full restoration project, the car does have a very interesting history and was sold along with a bulging file of information, including the certificate for it's Downton engine conversion from 1970, photos and competition licenses from when the Traveller was rallied in the 1960's and 1970's and an old letter written by the original owner to explain the mitigating circumstances of why he was caught speeding in the car!!
img_1755sm.jpg img_1756sm.jpg img_1757sm.jpg
The MTACR spoke to the winning bidder immediately after the auction and we are pleased to report that he intends to restore the car to its original 1960's competition spec.  We look forward to following the car's progress.